About Us

Our philosophy

The philosophy at Run Run Run is to help make the world a safer, cleaner place through superior design. Our product line of shoppers, totes, lunchbags and electronics accessories focuses on being environmentally friendly and promoting better treatment of our planet. Each product allows you to travel efficiently, in an environmentally friendly way and in style. We hope we have achieved this goal and will continue to introduce products in keeping with this philosophy. 

Charity and Causes

Run Run Run donates a percentage of its sales to organizations that are committed to these ideals and in improving the quality of living on our planet. This includes the Surfrider Foundation, the Plastic Pollution Coalition and 1% for the Planet.

Our Future

Companies and individuals who address environmental problems today will be rewarded with a rich, clean planet that our children will be able to enjoy. Plastic bags have been causing environmental damage for many years and billions of plastic bags are used every day around the world. Unfortunately, plastic bags are not typically recycled, end up in landfills and in our oceans where both animals and humans are negatively affected. 

Our Products

We believe there is a better way. Our shoppers and totes are made of waterproof material, foldup for easy travel and hold the equivalent of three supermarket plastic bags. They can withstand very heavy weight and the double stitching makes them nearly indestructible.