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  • This Election and What It Can Mean for Liberals

    Posted by Brian Dale

    Hamilton - Brian Dale Chicago

    Brian Dale Chicago:  To say that people here in Chicago, as well as throughout this country are devastated this week would be an understatement.  Its just impossible to believe that this country could go from having a classy, respectful president like Obama to a reality TV star, caricature who has more than half the country frightened. 

    I've written here before about politics and referenced the Tip O'Neill quote that "all politics is local."  However, this has taken on a whole new meaning as we see the massive highly tuned, localization of political interests.  In the current age of big data, real time polling online and elaborate probability analysis, a candidate can highly target specific messages to what I call micro camps.  This could be a group of KKK members in the rural south or PTA mothers in Connecticut.  Its taken on a whole new ability for a candidate to come in and say specific messages to them micro camps, which add up and can get you elected.

    We saw that this week. If you're scared, you have every right to be after what Trump has said during his long campaign.  Our words matters.  They can't just be deleted like he loves to do with his Tweets.  They shape and they teach and they matter.  I hope  our president starts to think more carefully about his actions from his Tweets to his actual presidential orders. 

    With the Trump presidency, I hope we do not lose the progress we have made with respect to environmental progress and our using recycled materials as well as simply consuming less waste.  ( 

    This country has a tremendous number of plastic bag bans and taxes which has massively reduced the billions of plastic bags that end up in our oceans, landfills and consume needless oil in their manufacture.  We should be proud of our recent changes and not allow a conservative backlash to unravel our progress. 

    Here in Chicago, as well as other major cities across the country, demonstrators are showing that we will not be steamrolled by Trump and the Republican Congress.  I hope that we can use our past successes as proof to the right that these changes have paid off, not harmed anyone and make sense regardless of your side of the aisle. 

    So is there reason to be afraid?  Yes.  As Aaron Sorkin wrote this week in an open letter to his daughter "I'm not going to sugar coat this."  (read it in full at

    However, I ask that you partake in a thought experiment.  What if Trump said much of what he said to simply motivate the micro camps he needed to simply win.  For instance, I don't believe he is an anti-Semite.  His daughter has converted to Judaism and he has worked with Jews in New York for decades.   Its actually almost ludicrous to think.

    I don't believe that he will start mass deportations.  Recently he has spun back and said he would cap only new entrants.  That's tremendously toned down. The infamous Mexican wall may not be built. 

    However, I do believe he will appoint conservative justices, pull back progress for feminists, the LGBTQ community and many other minorities.  I do not believe he will economically improve the lot of his rural followers.  I think that civil rights will suffer under him and I shutter to think about his "deal making" foreign policy strategies. 

    Here in Chicago, as well as elsewhere, we will spend our time trying to reverse whatever gains he does try to make for himself. And that's good.  That's democracy. Its messy, but let's not sit in fear. Take action in the way you can - locally and in your own way. 

    Ironically, the musical Hamilton is all the rage this year.  Alexander Hamilton wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers, but it was James Madison who penned the most famous, No. 10.  In it he states that one of the strongest arguments in favor of the Constitution is the fact that it establishes a government capable of controlling the violence and damage caused by factions. This was Madison's chief concern:  The Tyranny of the Majority.

    I can only hope that Trump will stop in one night to see the show and think about the factions that did get him elected.  Perhaps, he will be inspired and realize that as the executive in charge of the Federal Government he has a responsibility to prevent this tyranny. We can only hope at this point. 


    Brian Dale
    Founder of RunRunRun

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  • Wash Your Bags?

    Posted by Brian Dale

    Brian Dale Chicago: It's now been a number of years and a really large group of consumers are bringing their own bags not only to the supermarket, but shopping in general. That's great.  However, people are not on top of one fact.  The more you use your bags, the more you need to wash them. To read more check this out.  

    There's bacteria everywhere in our lives. Many in the science community say that this is a good thing.  We are not scientists, nor do we try to be here at RunRunRun, but all else being equal, it seems a good idea to wash them on a regular basis.

    Regardless of whether you use an Italia Shopper from us or a cheap bag from the grocery store, washing them either in the machine or by hand with disinfectant is beneficial to reducing bacterial buildup inside.

    All RunRunRun bags were built to be machine washable.  We recommend cold water and do not dry.  Just hang dry the bags. 

    We always honor our workmanship and if you have an issue with the quality of the bag after washing, please do not hesitate to contact me directly so we can make good on this.

    Wishing you all the best with your RunRunRun totes!

    Brian Dale, Chicago
    Founder, RunRunRun
    briandale at

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  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Who is banning bags and why?

    Posted by Brian Dale

    Brian Dale Chicago:  I'm interested in politics.  And its a well-known idea that all politics is local. Not just here in Chicago, but every locale.  So what I'm finding interesting lately with regard to environmental issues is the political diversity in terms of plastic bag bans.  

    As you know, at RunRunRun we follow closely developments in the reduction of disposable plastic bags. Some places have banned them.  Some have taxed them. (For more read at the  The method is not what I'm focused on today, but I am intrigued that so many DIFFERENT kinds of places are banning them and why. 

    The obvious one is the environmental harm that plastic bags cause.  In Los Angeles alone 10 metric tons of plastic pollution ends up in the Pacific Ocean every day! (source:

    There are many other facts that the pollution ends up in the ocean and thus hurts animals and our drinking water and air.

    So its not a surprise to see liberal governments like Chicago, Malibu or Los Angeles pass a bag ban.

    However, look at cities like Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Unlike Chicago, a notoriously politically conservative state, but looking to ban plastic bags.  (source:  And in other countries that are politically conservative its happening too.  Just look at China, India and Thailand.  In Europe, Italy, Paris, Ireland and others have all made the switch.  The U.S. is late to the party here. 

    Why?  First, everyone agrees usually with the obvious environmental claims.  But, there are other reasons.  

    One is that shop owners often get good feedback when customers are encouraged to use a reusable bag.  Second, is many store owners offer their own logo bag that promotes their business and encourages more business.  Third, the bags are stronger and hold more and make it easier to shop with.  

    There are many others, but the bottom line is that politicians on both sides of the aisle are seeing the benefits of using reusable bags and furthermore reusable products of all types. 

    So keep your eyes and ears open to other locations and WHY they are moving toward using reusable products.  Its happening everywhere and with all kinds of people.

    Brian Dale
    Founder of RunRunRun


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  • New York and a new breeze blowing...

    Posted by Brian Dale

    I wanted to just say that I was really excited that we saw New York City elect a 5 cent fee for disposable bags at the checkout earlier this month.  Clearly Americans from coast to coast are making this a priority and seeing the value in a cleaner, sustainable town, city or in this case metropolis.  (For more about the NYC details at the

    Already so many cities have passed rules like this.  In my city of Chicago, last year they passed a rule, but its not having a big effect (yet) because retailers have been able to skirt the spirit of the law, by offering thicker plastic bags. Not what we all had in mind, but its a start. Already our Alderman Moreno is trying to crackdown on this loophole and I'm confident that Chicago will come around and make the right decision to ban all plastic bags.

    Brian Dale
    Founder of RunRunRun

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  • Subaru chooses RunRunRun for custom totes - (February 25, 2016, Chicago)

    Posted by Brian Dale

    Brian Dale Chicago founder and CEO of RunRunRun announces that RunRunRun, Inc. (, the leader in eco-friendly travel totes and accessories, will provide Subaru ( with RunRunRun totes for their company store (

     “We are greatly honored that such an automotive leader like Subaru has selected RunRunRun to provide custom totes for their VIP customers.  To meet the rigorous standards of a world class organization as Subaru is a great honor." states Brian Dale, founder and CEO of RunRunRun.  "Great design goes hand in hand with our eco-friendly mission and this was a fantastic opportunity to partner with a great company."

    RunRunRun, based in Chicago, is known for making luxury eco-friendly totes and accessories.  Launched in 2011 by Chicago entrepreneur Brian Dale, with their signature Italia Shopper and Malibu Totes, the line has expanded to other fashion and travel accessories. Catering to both its wholesale/retail fashion clients as well as its robust custom division, RunRunRun provides its line to individuals, small boutiques, museums, hotels/resorts and other major organizations around the world.

    A small list of partner clients include:

    The Container Store
    The Art Institute of Chicago
    The Museum of Arts and Design New York
    The Peninsula Hotels
    Auberge Resorts
    St. Regis
    JW Marriott
    Food Network
    Princeton University
    Spence School
    Groton School

    ABOUT RUNRUNRUN:  RunRunRun, based in Chicago, is known for making luxury eco-friendly totes and accessories.  Launched in 2011 by Chicago entrepreneur Brian Dale with their signature Italia Shopper and Malibu Totes, the line has expanded to other fashion and travel accessories. Catering to both its wholesale/retail fashion clients as well as its robust custom division, RunRunRun provides its line to individuals, small boutiques, museums, hotels/resorts and other major organizations around the world. 

    Brian Dale
    Founder of RunRunRun


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